May 10, 2014

60 Things I Simply Can't Stand

1.       Pushy Bank Tellers. Join my bank, get this insurance and while we are there get your partner to join also. Don’t they realise it makes me not want to join or close my current accounts. First time fine, second time hmm ok maybe, 50th time give it a break!

2.       People that think they are above other people. Everyone is equal and those who think they are better than other people need to realise they are most likely at the bottom of the scale they like to use.

3.       Tomato Sauce on Eggs, although a lot of people love this, I simply can’t stand it. Two things that shouldn’t be mixed. On my mate anyways.

4.       When someone eats all the chocolate out of the fridge. So you buy a block of chocolate for the week for everyone and then you go to get one piece and gone! Story of my life.

5.       Adds everywhere! Go to Facebook; adds. Go to my phone; adds. Go to my TV; adds. Some are ok, but too many in one place is just too much.

6.       Hackers! People who need to steal other people’s information, articles, identities, money or even just games to better themselves. We put in the effort why can’t you!

7.       Being pressured to do things that I don’t want to do. Everyone is different and some people need to sit back and realise this. Not everyone wants to do what you want to do.

8.       Animal Cruelty. The people who torture animals for whatever reason. Leave them alone!

9.       Coffee – Although this is well liked by heaps of people I simply can’t stand it. You can smell it a mile away especially if you walk past a coffee shop. Pongs!

10.   Winter – I hate freezing my bum off, I would rather a warm sunny day then be wrapped up in millions of blankets and still cold.

11.   People who refuse to compromise. Life is full of different things, and we can’t always have what we want, everyone needs to compromise some time or another.

12.   Rude people – Nothing worse than being polite to someone and they are just being rude to you.

13.   Being late – I am always on time, if I say I’ll be there at 7, then I will be there at 6.45. I hate it when someone says to meet them at a certain time and they are late.

14.   Liars – You never know what to believe even if they are telling the truth. We all know the story about the boy who cried wolf.

15.   Sexual predators – Simply disgusting!

16.   Sand – I live right on the beach basically, but the sand drives me crazy! It gets in my toes, in my house and I don’t think the kids have ever come home without half the beach.

17.   Pumpkin – Eww! Although a popular food, I have always said Pumpkin is poisonous.

18.   Religion Pushers – Everyone has the right to believe or not to believe. Don’t try and swoo me to follow your religion, I shall if I want to not because you are trying to make me.

19.   Heights – Something I am not good with at all. Recently making my way up to the top of a massive water slide at a park, I was trying not to puke over the side.

20.   When my kitten poops in the house – My Miss Molly is generally good, but she does like to leave me the occasional present here and there.

21.   People who break up other couples – Are you really that desperate? There’s enough people in this world, go find someone to make you happy.

22.   The fact I can’t plug myself into a computer and my thinking does the typing instead of my fingers.

23.   Doing Groceries then there still seems to be nothing you want to eat.

24.   Someone touching my belly button – definitely a no go zone.

25.   Barking dogs – Fine when they are simply doing their job, but all night at nothing? Argh

26.   Attention seekers – Oh look at me, me, are you looking? What about now?

27.   People who think they know everything – No one knows everything, not even you.

28.   Trying to explain something when you can’t find the right words – Yes that thing, you know the thing around that thing? You know?

29.   Losing one earing – We could at least lose both.

30.   Cold sores – The horrible little uncomfortable sore that you get that wants to eat your face away and make it hard to eat.

31.   Strawberries – Although they look so yummy especially dipped in chocolate I don’t like them.

32.   The fact I can’t find a better MMO game than Warcraft and despite my efforts keep going back.

33.   The fact I suck at using Twitter despite having an account I log daily.

34.   Little white rooms such as Pathology and Tattooists just make me feel uncomfortable. Needles are fine, and I have tattoos but I would rather get them done outside on the street than one of those little white rooms.

35.   Barbies – The typical image that so many girls want to be, can’t you just be yourself?

36.   The fact I can’t tell the future.

37.   Cooking – Oh one of my pet hates, I can but hate to cook. Spag on toast anyone?

38.   People who reply with a text of one letter – So I sent you a long text and your reply was k..

39.   Getting older – I really don’t want to hit my next double digit; I feel it will be all downhill from there.

40.   When my kids say Mum 8000 times a day. I’m changing my name tomorrow to Dad.

41.   Headaches – Seriously I don’t push my brain that hard, yet it’s still complaining.

42.   School Teachers that look down on Parents – Without our kids you wouldn’t have a job.

43.   Having to play music softly – The louder the better in my opinion especially on a road trip.

44.   Cleaning – Although it has to be done, it just gets messed back up. Sometimes I really don’t see the point.

45.   Private numbers – When you ring me at least give me warning of who is ringing, I may not wish to speak to you at the moment.

46.   Going into the shop for one item and leaving with 30 - I really should stop doing this.

47.   The pressures of parties such as Tupperware, Linen, Candle whatever parties. While the lady is standing there looking at you like “Are you going to buy something?”

48.   Chuck Norris Jokes – Wow do these drive me crazy!

49.   Not being supported – I do my best to support others, a little in return is only fair.

50.   Getting my hair wet while swimming – I don’t know why just hate it, but in the shower is fine.

51.   People who flaunt their money –Not all of us are that lucky, instead of showing it off, put it to use.

52.   Body Image – The magazines need to realise they are sending out the wrong signals, not that they care. The world is full of different sized people not everyone can or should be a size 0.

53.   Obligations – I hate being obligated to do something, I will do what I want, when I want not because I have to.

54.   Stereotyping – Just because I live in Australia doesn’t mean I speak a certain way, stand around my BBQ with a beer and ride Kangaroos to work.

55.   Lady days – Seriously that’s just unfair, why can’t men get periods as well?

56.   People who drive 60 in the 100 zone, and then 80 in the 60 zone. Are you doing it to annoy me or do you have your numbers back to front?

57.   People who sit beside you are fart – Gross! Take your smell elsewhere.

58.   Spam Emails – If I haven’t clicked it the first 489 times you sent it to me, I’m not going to.

59.   Posing for a photo then you realise how horrible you look – not always but often.

60.   A lot more things, but I have hit beyond my word and whinge limit.

While there are heaps of things I simply can’t stand, there also heaps of things I love and adore. If you would like to share some of your pet hates with me, please leave them in a comment below.
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March 1, 2014

Our Family Notes and Messages

If you didn't already know, I'm a bit of a list, book and note freak.
Lists here, notes there and well everywhere pretty much. I have them on my fridge, on my phone in several places, in all my note books, and pretty much anywhere I go, to reminder or encourage me.
I think that lists (mainly for myself) work as a self guilt trip, to encourage me not to be lazy but to get in and do what needs doing. Just secretly, every time I walk past an unfinished list it somehow has a way of pretty much screaming at me "Get off your butt woman and get this shizz crossed off!"...
As for the notes around the house, well I find that people respond to a big message in front of their face shows whom ever it is focused at that I mean what I wrote and am GRRR!

Recently I was going through my old photos and ran I into a few old notes that we have as a family each placed around the house over time to get our point across or leave a message. I couldn't help but giggle at some of them and decided to share.

 In a weird kind of way because I know the background story and person behind each picture, I felt as if I was going down memory lane.

If there are any from your house that you want to share, post or describe it in the comments.

The Strict "No Girls Allowed Bedroom Sign."
Unless there are parties... of course!

I love You Peg
My Little Love Message Peg my husband made after
work one afternoon.

Childrens Bathroom Rules
The Kids Bathroom Rules
If only they worked!


Funny Toilet Door Sign for Children
My Toilet Door Sign
Desperate Measures Call for Blunt Signs
(It worked for about 2 weeks)

Toilet Roll Message
My Obvious Toilet Roll Sign
That didn't work!!!

Valentines Day Gifts for Husband
Apart of the Valentines Day gifts
 I made for my husband.

The Note my Son's Teacher had and sent home upon
request so I could pin it to our fridge.  


Valentines Day Note 2...
Simple, Sweet and a last door goodbye!


Our Sons letter to Santa last year...
Trying to get hints prior to Christmas Morning!
Some of these were made in the spare of the moment, others obviously planned. I love photo's and have too many that they actually drive me a bit crazy and encourage a delete fest. However when I ran into so many of these, especially now I have re read and posted them... Has made me thankful of such little and simple things, I can now keep and remember back on.
I would love you to share anything similar you or your family have, so feel free to leave a comment, image or link to your image.

No More Facebook...What Now?

You know the feeling when the power goes out and you feel lost without your computer? That's the feeling I imagine thousands of people having if all of a sudden Facebook disappeared. Lost with spare time suddenly at their fingertips wondering
"Hmm what to do with myself?” 

Facebook currently the most popular social website is used for lots of different things by millions of different people. Advertise their business, find long lost families, organize events, share information and photos, find contacts and play games. Well that's just half of it really, and I'm sure those people would recover and find other ways as they have done before.

Facebook ImageNowadays most People pretty much live on their phones, myself included except for when it's charging and then it's off to the computer. Technology changes the way we live slightly each day and will continue to do so. "Back in the day peeps had to walk up stairs, now there's elevators and escalators. If you wanted to see your friend you would organize a catch up visit, now it's usually a text, email or message via your favourite

media site; which is where Facebook comes in. The days of hanging out with your friends are gone and now it's hanging out on their timeline.

Most Facebook users are guilty  (myself included)  of having some form of mild Facebook addiction. I'm not talking hand shaking, Facebook A.A, or selling your grandma for an internet connection. But like it or not, if you use Facebook there's obvio
usly something you like that keeps you going back.  Whether it's status updates, stalking other peoples photos, spending hours on your favourite bands or business page, chatting with family or spamming your friends news feeds with 'Duck Faced Selfies' three times a day.

I'm happy to say I'm not that far gone where I itch or twitch to log on and see what's going on in the online world, but of course I would be lying if I said there haven’t been exceptions where I have something super funny I want to share with my friends or followers straight away. The kids doing something so funny I'm crying on the floor, or finally getting that forbidden snap shot of your husband in his cute duck flannies the kids bought him for Father's Day. Those kinds of things (being biased of course) I class as an exception, they are too good to not share and aren't the same boring "just having a cup of tea..." statuses.  Seriously, I don’t understand those who posts those and similar, you’re having a cup
 of tea, and???

So let's break it down...what would people do if Facebook all of a sudden was no more? Capeesh? Over? Shut down?

1.       Time Wasters – Some people generally would feel a bit lost, and would all of a sudden have all this extra time on their hands. They would no doubt try and find something to fill the gap and time with. Facebook anonymous would need to be formed for those who check it every 28 minutes and help them get back into normal living. “Facebook, what did we do before Facebook?” My children are the same if I take their computer or hand held games, they don’t know what to do with themselves.

Cat and Facebook Meme
My Cat molly has a love hate relationship with
Facebook and my computer
2.       Friend Collectors – Those 896 friends you collected aren’t actually your friends! Yes you might know them or went to some way back event with them, but no you do not have that many real, true and honest friends! (Don’t worry, neither do I) All of a sudden people would need to actually leave the house and go and socialize with their friends instead of just liking their comments.

3.       SElfie Spammers Who am I g
oing to Selfie spam now?? People that posts Selfies every half an hour of the same thing (their face, different angle, different location) drive me batty! Are they completely vein, seeking attention or simply have no idea? One or two, sure why not…But when you go through your/someone’s photos and 90% of them are of themselves, leaning into the camera, half the time pulling some quack duck or kiss face, well then its classed as Selfie Spam!

4.       Blame Shifters – Fair enough everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Facebook cops the blame for a lot of things, which let’s be honest…. A website can’t do. Divorces and infidelity for example…Facebook didn’t make your husband or wife leave you, nor did it make them go into the arms of someone else. They may have used social sites to make it easier, but no one but themselves is accountable for their actions. People might actually spend time working on their relationship rather than just blaming it on other things and people when it goes south.
             Cyber Bullying is unfortunately constantly on social sites such as Facebook, but again it is the people who are sitting behind the computer, not the website itself. 
5.       Gossip Queens, Instigators and Pot Stirrers would have no one to spread stories about and entertain with. They might even slowly over time start concentrating on their own lives and business instead of making everyone else’s their topic of conversation each day. I personally think those who spend all their time talking about everyone else, much have a fairly boring life or have nothing better to do. On Facebook especially though, the gossip queens are kept fueled with things to talk about as to many air their dirty laundry for all to see.

6.       Memes would have a major downfall! Some memes are worth seeing and occasionally sharing, but it seems now 90% of my Facebook feed is memes and commonly the same image but with different words or slogans.

7.       Hackers would have one less place to try and steal your personal information and photos from. Social media sites have made it even easier for hackers, especially with people who aren’t very internet savvy or have the “It won’t happen to me” attitude and are too lazy to be cautious.

8.       The Ex Friend or Ex Partner Stalkers – The all too common “I don’t care or see what you are doing although secretly I am always looking at your page and going through your photo’s” stalkers! Also known for constantly activating n de-activating your account to be sneaky and pretend they either don’t have Facebook anymore or aren’t on your friends list or fan page. I personally have a couple of these myself, annoying and sly.

The friends in General who constantly deactivate and re-activate their accounts… make up your mind already!

9.     Most things have good and bad points, things that annoy some, or as they say two sides to every story. So here are just a few Good Points of Facebook – If Facebook suddenly shut down, along with the above points, there would also be a lot of good things that would disappear with it.

-Keeping in contact with long distant family.

-Easy sharing of photos and videos to friends and family.

-Finding people who you have long lost touch with would be more difficult.

-Free advertising site for pages, businesses, communities and others who use it.

-Easy access for organizing functions such as reunions, finding out information such as places, jobs etc. Makes it easier for people to get in contact and be more aware of organizations such as rescue centres.

-Any of course, things people personally enjoy and use Facebook for.

The above is all obviously based on my own opinion and some of others through my own questions to others.

Would it bother you if Facebook suddenly shut down?
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